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Simon and Garfunkel wrote a song in 1968 called "Fakin' it" on the Bookends album. Simon sang, "And I know I'm fakin' it, I'm not really makin' it." Does this mean Simon never felt like he made, or became, it?

Do you make it or become it? This seems small yet important to clarify.

Sometimes I take issue with the phrase"Fake it till you make it" while other times I say it in half jest, half seriousness, but mostly I find it exhausting usually because I begin to feel like maybe I'm always just faking it. How do I know when I've made it?

If the phrase we all know now derives from "Fakin' it", how did it go from the former meaning to the latter? The latter is encouraging one to fake it and will eventually make/become it. The former sounds like maybe someone is faking like they are already making it, but aren't. Maybe I should listen to the whole song.

The Law of Attraction in New Thought philosophy believes that like energies attract each other. My positive thought will bring positive things or actions into my life. The same can happen with negative thoughts. If everything is made of energy then this energy can be harnessed by how we think. One way you can think of this is to act as if you already have the thing you want. (If I want a dog really bad should I just pretend I have one?)

I went through a process of positive, open-up-to-the-universe planning, thinking, and dreaming. I believe there are truly energetic, alchemical things that took place. I feel closer to how I want to live my life. Does that mean I'm faking it right now?

Quantum Physics teaches that all things are made up of energy. It's the study of the smallest of the small. And this utter smallness makes up everything. Everything contains this smallness. Some say it's vibrating energy. It vibrates because when cells get heated or cooled, depending, they vibrate and either stay the same, join with others to form something entirely new, or join others but keep their individuality.

I love quantum physics but don't have the brain for the actual science. It applies like a perfect occultist to networks. It's never fixed or does not stay fixed for long - ever changing from the relationships created from within and without the network.

I'm currently revisiting Octavia Butler's Parable Series. All things are change, change is everywhere even when we can't see it. We are changing every second by responding to the world around us. We are not fixed. In that case, will I ever make it?

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