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writer. facilitator. artist.
systems weaver.
baking enthusiast. 

Nested within the teachings of Paulo Friere, Don Miguel Ruiz, Taoism, and Complexity Theory, among many others, Laura revels in  holding space to bring people together to create new worlds based in racial and social justice. She is a facilitator to her core whether being the host or teaching others. Her writing spans nonfiction to poetry and experimental/hybrid forms. 


Laura is a multi-genre writer moving between essay, poetry, non-fiction, as well as hybrids of these formats. She is the author of No Table Too Small, and writes articles and blogs on such topics as: the body as landscape within feminism, dominant culture and patriarchy, ritual and radical power, and facilitating social change.


Laura specializes in emergent group facilitation focused on bringing people together over a common purpose to ultimately create change. She has helped to create coalitions and cross-sector strategies focused on food justice and has been working within the food system for over a decade.

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