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About Laura

Laura is originally from the native lands of Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo) where Chandler, Indiana resides. She’s worked in the food system in varying capacities over the last 12 years: starting coalitions, co-founding a nonprofit, activism within food justice and anti-racism, and developing curriculum training for facilitation generally and developing strategic plans across a diverse set of stakeholders and communities.


Laura is also a multi-genre writer moving between essay, poetry, non-fiction, as well as hybrids of these formats. Her subject matter mainly comprises the body, place, and the dynamics of being a human with other humans in this world when we’re all kind of “f’ed up.” Her work is informed by the moving, feeling, and sensing of our bodies within a daily context and how these experiences can not only create splinters within ourselves, but also communicate on sub-atomic levels and has been influenced by complexity theory, fractals, mysticism, and emergence.

Laura’s work (whether facilitation or creative writing) has been influenced mostly by emergence and complexity theory, Octavia Butler, fractals, and mysticism.  


Currently, Laura lives on the mixed native lands of the Coast Salish where Seattle, Washington resides. Laura’s core desire is to design spaces for people to emerge into their best selves and co-create new ways of being. She’s previously been published in Recipes for a New Normal (a publication of Community Alliance for Global Justice), Bureau of Complaints, Gastronomica, Kosmos, and A Growing Culture and is the author of “No Table Too Small”. She lives in adoration with her partner, cat, and ferrets.

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